Enterprise Continuity Management Benchmarking Consortium

To identify "Best in Class" enterprise continuity management processes, which, when implemented, will lead member companies to exceptional performance.

ECMBC™ is an association of enterprise continuity (business continuity) management professionals that conduct benchmarking studies to identify the practices that improve the overall operations of the members. What is benchmarking?

Benchmarking is a collaborative learning process among a group of companies to focus on specific operating practices, compare measures and results and identify improved processes within their organizations.

Key Components

Data gathering in the form of detailed surveys of measures and processes;
Identification of best performers; and
Site visits to the best companies.

Benchmarking looks at best practices
Internally among divisions;
Within the industry; and
Outside the industry - “out-of-box”.

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This service is provided by The Benchmarking Network, Inc., an international resource for business process research and metrics. We lead studies with over 140,000 process leaders in over 65 countries. We provide benchmarking training and research to individual companies, professional and trade associations, and industry and process based groups. Since 1992, our over 300 benchmarking studies have spanned virtually all processes and industries to identify measures and collect data.

The Benchmarking Network holds regular yearly roundtables.  For more information on roundtables, submit an information request here.

Accounting and Finance
Meetings in April & October

Contact Center
Meetings in April & October

Customer Satisfaction 
Meetings in April & October

Electric Utility 
Meetings in April & October

Financial Services and Banking 
Meetings in April & October

Human Resources 
Meetings in April & October

Insurance Industry Association 
Meetings in April & October

Information Systems 
Consortium ™ (ISMBC™) 
Meetings in April & October

International Council Of 
Benchmarking Coordinators (ICOBC™) 
Meetings in April & October

Inventory Management
Meetings in April & October

Pharmaceutical Industry 
Meetings in April & October

Procurement and Supply Chain 
Meetings in April & October

Six Sigma
Meetings in April & October

Meetings in April & October